Another U.N. School Falls to Israeli Troops

Gaza’s day of carnage – 40 dead as Israelis bomb two UN schools | World news | The Guardian

Israel unapologetically bombed another UN school.

There are fifteen people shown in this picture. That’s more people than the Israeli nation has lost since they started this war. And in this one school, they killed more civilians, more children, than they have lost soldiers. Four of the twelve dead soldiers were killed by friendly fire.

This is not self-defense, this is murder.


One thought on “Another U.N. School Falls to Israeli Troops

  1. Well lets see. this school was used as a launch area for GRAD Missles that are fired into israel. mortars, and Kassams. so if this was happening in the school across the border from your area would that school be safe?
    it only goes to prove HAMAS uses children as human sandbags!
    and the fact it is a UN run school shows how the UN in Gaza aides terrorism

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