Israel forces Gazans to run, but not to safety.

A reporter in Gaza evacuated his home due to continued Israeli attacks, joining his pregnant wife at her parents’  home. (His wife is now in labor.) However, he knows there is nowhere they can be safe in Gaza. Israel’s much-touted “warnings” are media props they use to contend they are protecting the civilians in Gaza. But no one in Gaza is being protected. They are being herded into a smaller area, where they can be shot like fish in a barrel.

In one known instance, Israeli soldiers bombed people they’d moved to “safety”.

Israeli’s herded over 100 civilians into one home, where they had no food, water, or electricity. The military bombed the home the next day. Reports put the number of dead between 60-80. The exact figure is not known, as some of the wounded will likely die and Israel refuses to allow humanitarian groups access to the area. Israel insists the report is “unfounded”, which seems to mean “so what?” (Honestly, what does “unfounded” mean? That the survivors and the witnesses are liars. I think they should be publicly praising the U.N. for saying the attack might not have been intentional–that the military didn’t mean to shell a home they filled with civilians the previous day is beyond the bounds of credibility. Perhaps what was unintentional was leaving survivors.)

With the media blocked from entering Palestine, it is impossible to know how many times the military has used this method of murder. Two U.N. schools were bombed. U.N. relief workers have been fired upon, and at least 4 were killed by Israeli soldiers, resulting in the U.N. pulling them from Gaza. An aid ship was rammed by the Israeli navy in international waters, preventing it from landing in Gaza.


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