Update: Military Times Readers

The misinformation and outright lies in the Military Times article I discussed in my previous post is still bothering me, enough to dig up some information to show they aren’t representative of the military. They admitted this in their article dissing Obama, but that one sentence isn’t going to make up for the headline.

The web page they have up for advertising solicitation is downright sickening, with more disinformation about their readers. (They even threw some editing errors in for good measure.) Their implication is that service members are wealthy, have no living expenses, and will buy anything you show them. Although it *is* true that “they have full-time jobs”. Their subscribers earn over 82,000 a year; they sandwich “our subscribers” between information about military members, as if all military members earn 27% more than the national average.

Note: They claim 3.3 million subscribers, which means the 36,000 subscribers they invited to participate in their survey equals less than 2% of their readers, and the less-than-2000 responses they used less than 0.059%. That’s right–less than 1/10 of a percent.)

This is taken directly from the Military Times advertising website, all emphasis is their own.

The U.S. military payroll tops $95 billion annually. When you look at the 1.4 million people serving on active duty, you’re looking at today’s “Super Consumers.” They’re young and affluent, with and average annual compensation of more than $54,000 (vs. $33,700 for all U.S. adults). Nearly 55% of them are married and heads of household.

Unlike their civilian counterparts, they all have full-time jobs, 30 days’ annual paid vacation, with basics like rent and meals and health care already taken care of. Because most major shopping is done through the tax-free military exchange and commissary system, every dollar buys 30% more.

The Military Times’ subscriber has an average household income of more than $82,618 (27% higher than the average U.S. household income.)

So, if you sell things young men and women enjoy – you’ll sell more of them to this market.

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