Atheists Sue Governor: Civics in Action

Atheist group challenges Governor’s Prayer Day. The Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a lawsuit seeking to stop Colorado’s governor, Bill Ritter, Jr., from “issuing any proclamations that endorse a particular religion” as well as statements that imply or insist people should–or do–believe in a god.


2 thoughts on “Atheists Sue Governor: Civics in Action

  1. Issuing a proclamation is not the same as establishing a religion. “Proclaim” means to announce or declare in an official, public, or formal manner. (Example: “to proclaim war”.)

    A synonym for “proclamation” is “declaration”, as in “the Declaration of Independence”.

    To proclaim a day of prayer is to announce the nation will pray on this day.

    Would people be upset if government officials proclaimed a “National Day of Spells”? What about a “National Day of Sex”? If that happened, how many people would say the government was supporting Wiccans or encouraging unmarried sex?

    In a country that won’t support human rights for homosexuals, the idea that this will result in people not being able to drive with a Jesus fish on their car is absurd.

    To drive on our roads, you need a government-issued license; all roads are government-maintained and paid for by taxes. Religious organizations don’t pay taxes. I’ll let them drive on my roads, but I won’t let them drive my government.

  2. How is issueing a proclomation for a day of prayer (such as did George Washing and Abraham Lincoln.. I think) establishing a religion?

    The next thing they will be sueing to keep church vans and busses off government maintainge highways!

    Then after that will come the law suit to have Christians remove all external Christian symbols from their vehicles while they drive on public roads.

    God help us!

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