4000 Americans “Had to Die”: The latest government F.U.

The latest move toward transparency in government came from the former American Secretary of Defense, Frank Gaffney. In an interview on MSNBC’s Hardball, Gaffney was the most recent administration member to come clean about his feelings on the war–namely, that American service members are no more important than the dirt they step on when they don’t have a red carpet under their feet. While Gaffney said it was “unfortunate” that Americans died in Iraq, he believes

“they did have to die”.

Why does Gaffney feel this way? Well, it isn’t because Iraq’s Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. It’s because Iraq had chemical weapons over ten years ago; more importantly, if it weren’t for the UN weapons inspections, he believes they would have started developing them again. To him, this made them a “mortal threat”.

No weapons. No weapons program. But if we left the government unsupervised, they may have started a weapons program.

That’s why the United Nations was conducting weapons inspections.

In what seems to be a collective ” so long, suckers!” movement by the current administration, the criminals-in-charge are talking freely about the lies they told, the torture they approved, the invasion they initiated, and the death and destruction they just don’t care about.

Nancy Pelosi, reach under the table, pick up the impeachment process, and put it on the table. The contempt in which these people hold the American people is almost as bad as your blatant refusal to hold them accountable.


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