One Nebraska Elector for Obama–Republicans Unhappy

The US Presidential election was today. December 15th, 2008.

November 4th? That was just a suggestion.

Nebraska’s split-vote system actually worked today; Obama received 20% of the electoral votes (one out of five). An Omaha-area high school biology teacher, William Forsee, was the lucky Democrat elector. Forsee enjoyed his experience. The Republicans, not so much.

Nebraska’s 2nd District–roughly in and around Omaha–was alive with excitement during the campaign. Apathy and passive acceptance gave way to interest, involvement, and a lot of information.  You’d think Nebraska state officials would be proud.

You’d be wrong. Governor Heinemann and other Republican power-seaters are looking to a legislative lock on the split-vote system. In 1999, Republicans waved down a proposal to go back to the old, winner-takes-all system. In 1999, they were expecting an easy election.

The fabric of Nebraska’s government has a tear in it; if you look closely, you’ll see a bit of democracy peeking through. Unhappy Republican officials already have their needles out, and they’re heading for the Constitution. Don’t let them sew your lips shut!

The Republicans are going to try to close this loophole. Don’t let them. The Republicans in Nebraska power seats aren’t enjoying the state’s historic (dare I say democratic?) moment.


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