Blogs Headline Reid’s Biden Slam.

Grandstanding Senate majority leader Harry Reid is setting things in motion to prevent Biden from viewing “internal Senate deliberations”, starting with an article in the Las Vegas Sun. Reid tells the Sun that

“Congress will reassert its constitutional independence”…”by barring the vice president”.

The article won’t appear until the Sunday edition, but today Politico reviewed an article the Las Vegas Sun is running tomorrow (remember when the news was, well, new?). Huffington Post followed suit by blogging Politico under the headline “Biden To Be Barred From Democratic Caucus Meetings”, complete with a gloomy photo of the usually sunny VP-elect.

Reid’s “internal Senate meetings” means the caucus; he can’t bar Biden from the Senate. The hoopla comes from this administration, where Cheney attended the Republican’s caucuses, sometimes with his paid thugs–excuse me, staffers–in tow; some believe the Vice President’s presence encouraged the Repubs to see legislative sessions as party-vs-party bouts, instead of a chance to do their job and consider the legislation on merit.

You have to read the full article (or skip to the bottom) to see Biden’s response, as–of course–blogged by ABC’s Jake Trapper. If you go that far, you’ll see that Biden had “no intention” of going to the Democrat’s caucus meetings; indeed, he agrees with Reid that it is unacceptable.

Way back in the good old days, news was put out by news outlets. With blogs issuing their own “scoops”, and adding their own spin, it’s no wonder the news industry is going under. How many people are going to go out of their way to read the Sun’s “original” article?