Sarah Palin Still Wearing Campaign Clothes

Sarah Palin is, sadly, both an insult to and an icon of the Republican party. She was her ticket’s hot commodity, and they glossed her until she shined…on the surface. The outrageous costs of “keeping up appearances” continues to be a slap in the face to the people who donated their hard-earned money because they support this party’s platform.

That said, she looked a lot classier when she had the stylist!
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2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Still Wearing Campaign Clothes

  1. I stand by my original post. Sarah Palin’s shopping spree began before the convention, because the governor had nothing to wear.

    In a post-election interview with FOX News, Rick Davis :

    “…[Palin] was tapped to be the vice presidential nominee two days before the convention started.

    She arrived in the convention hall without having even been to Alaska to pick up any of her things.”


    “nobody ever explained to her that this is stuff that was being paid for by the convention.”

    So, no, this is not a “pre-McCain” outfit.

    Rick Davis on FOX News

  2. One look at the required document the RNC filed with the Federal Election Commission shows that all of the clothes were purchased in the month of September. So how could Palin have been wearing anything from the RNC wardrobe on August 31? That outfit is obviously one of her own, acquired before she became John McCain’s running mate.

    Someone must have given Strzemien a little clue after she posted her hit piece, because she went into CYA mode and posted an update, asking her readers, “So was Palin valiantly recycling old clothes or defiantly wearing items from her $150,000 wardrobe? You be the judge.”

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