Palin Thinks She’s Talking to President of France

Sarah Palin was tricked today by Master Avengers, a comedic radio duo from Canada. Sarah believed she was talking to Nikolas Sarkozy, France’s President, despite the statements that a world leader would never make (out loud, at least).
The call included Sarzoky’s wife being hot in bed, how much he enjoyed the “documentary” Nailin’ Palin, the French version of Joe the Plumber, the [non-existent] “Prime Minister of Quebec”, and many more moments that will make you horrified this woman has gotten this far. Couric has nothing on CKOI.

In a minor moment, Audette added:

“You know we have a lot in common also because from my house I can see Belgium.”

Palin: “Yes, see, we are all right next door to other countries that we need to be working with.”

Read the full transcript here.