GOP Calls Bill Maher "Catholic Hater"

While I hate to link to a GOP site–the Minnesota GOP, in this case–this is a press release, not news article, and it’s easier to believe Republican sh*t when you’re close enough to smell it.

The Repubs are calling on Al Franken to return the donation he got from Bill Maher.

Franken Won’t Return Maher Money. “The duo also called for Franken to return $2,300 in contributions from fellow comedian Bill Maher, who regularly ridicules religion of all kinds and has said several controversial things about the Catholic faith. (Emphasis in original.)

It is commonly known in the thinking community that Bill Maher is a comedian, which may be the issue. If he were, say, a hate-spewing pastor, the GOP would only be upset he wasn’t funding them. However, Maher is a liberal who openly speaks about his distaste for religion–that’s all religions, by the way, although the GOP wants to emphasize the Catholicism connection, possibly because Al Franken is Jewish. Without making the anti-American error, it helps them paint Franken as “not like us”. (Odd, isn’t it, how the Republicans attacked JFK because he was Catholic?)