Shunning the Elite Media, Cartoonist Prefers Gutter

Cartoonist equates Powell’s endorsement to Benedict Arnold in blackface
by RobTornoe

Claiming General Powell, former Secretary of State and a veteran who spent 26 years serving his country in uniform, is a racist is disgusting. But accusing him of treason is flabbergasting. Perhaps the worst thing about this drawing is the cartoonist’s insistence that this portrayal is reasonable.

Gordon Campbell’s cartoon from Sunday featuring Colin Powell as a modern-day Benedict Arnold, with a twist: Benedict Arnold, once one of George Washington’s most brilliant generals during the Revolutionary War, went on to betray the colonial insurgents and join the English in one of the greatest acts of treason this country has ever know.

Now, Benedict Arnold has been brought back from the dead, in blackface no less, by syndicated cartoonist Gordon Campbell, as a response to Colin Powell’s endorsement of Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama.