Which First Lady Speaks Your Mind?

US News gave each potential First Lady a forum to share their plans, if their husband wins the race. Not surprisingly, Mrs. McCain and Mrs. Obama have very different visions of their role.

Cindy McCain’s plans focus on Americans saving the world:

“expand American opportunity, for the benefit of our country and the world.”
“host a White House Volunteerism Summit “
“champion those working to create brighter futures for people lacking the many blessings we enjoy in America.”
“look forward to traveling abroad with groups that are engaged in efforts to reduce disease, repair war-torn countries, and alleviate extreme poverty.”

Michelle Obama keeps her focus on the USA:

“helping working women and families, particularly military families.”
“make sure that the people who run our country know how their policies touch their constituents’ lives.”
“working to find solutions that make a real difference in people’s lives.”

– Michelle is frank about what comes first –

“even as first lady, my No. 1 job would still be Mom.”

I’ll share my opinion on this in my next post. In the meanwhile, please share your thoughts. Which potential First Lady’s platform resonates with you? Do you have strong opinions on either moving into the White House?