Bush’s Conservation Plan: Kill It Later. Cheny says, Kill’em Now

While Bush was busy twisting arms to bail out Wall Street, he had to miss an important conference discussing wildlife conservation. This is important to the lame-duck. Really. The good ole’ boy isn’t a cowboy of a hundred years ago, killing all the buffalo to starve the Indians. (Palin would have loved to be there!) No, Bush believes in protecting the national wildlife. If you don’t believe me, just read this article in the LA Times.

Cheney gets a laugh, too.

Dick Cheney says Bush has been great for wildlife | Countdown to Crawford | Los Angeles Times

…Vice President Dick Cheney was tapped to … address the White House Conference on North American Wildlife Policy.

President Bush created the conference in 2007 via executive order, and charged it with drafting a plan to guide future wildlife conservation efforts to protect “the nation’s hunting heritage.”

Bush, introducing Cheney via video, explained why he was still in Washington and added, “In my place I have sent my favorite hunter.”

Cheney, alluding to the 2006 accident in which he accidentally shot his hunting partner and lawyer friend Harry Whittington in the face with pellets, told the crowd he’d taken a lot of grief over the incident over the years, “most of it from the president. The president says to me, ‘Here I am at 30% in the polls and you shot the only trial lawyer in Texas who supports me.’ “