Are you willing to impeach President Bush?

This link above takes you to Senator Kucinich’s motion to impeach Bush.

According to the web page and media accounts, our Congress isn’t taking this motion seriously. It seems they believe it’s enough to shake their fingers at Bush for "exaggerating" the threat from Iraq. I disagree. The motion to impeach is valid and overdue. It’s time Bush was held accountable for his actions. This president’s crimes destroyed our standing in the world community, killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, and ended the lives of thousands of our military members. His negligence–racking up the most vacation days of any president during his first eight months of his presidency, while blowing off intelligence reports outlining al Qaeda’s plan to use planes as bombs were placed right in front of him–and his desire to destroy countries of his choice crimes deserving of impeachment, at the very least.

Bad president! No more wars!

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